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The Wait Is Over: 1/c Hannah Meisner’s Billet Night Experience

Stefanie Senkow | March 8, 2023

1/c Hannah Meisner on Billet Night 2023One of the culminating experiences of a cadet’s first class (senior) year—Billet Night. It’s the ceremony where cadets receive their first assignments upon graduation. Cadets submit a “dream sheet” of their top assignment choices weeks prior. They await Billet Night to see where they will be headed as newly-commissioned officers.

What did you consider when making your billet dream sheet?

I knew I really wanted to be near friends at my first unit, and I like the programming and technical work from electrical engineering. Because of those things, Coast Guard Cyber Command seemed like the perfect fit for me. I also really like the D.C. area, where Cyber is located. My second choice was student engineering on a WMSL in Alameda.

How did you prepare yourself mentally for Billet Night?

I definitely didn’t get much sleep the night before. On the day of, I was just distracting myself with schoolwork as much as possible and talking anxiously with friends. I also reminded myself that no matter what I got, it would still be an awesome job.

What was your first reaction when your name was announced and your billet was revealed?

It’s all a bit of a blur to be honest. I knew I had gotten Cyber based on the other people up on stage with me, so I just opened the book and started cheering without reading it. Next thing I know Admiral Vann was handing me a cover and saying “Welcome to Cyber!”

How did it feel to get your top choice?

It was good to just finally know for sure so I could stop worrying about it and start planning the next phase of my life!

What is your next step now?

Well, my friend and I had already decided to room together if we both got Cyber, so it’s time to do some light apartment shopping!

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