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The Wonders of Connecticut Weather

Claire Semerod | April 27, 2023

Claire Semerod - 2026As a Colorado native, everyone could understand why I feared the Connecticut weather. The large increase in humidity and rain fall caused a lot of concern for me. While I feared the Connecticut weather, I have come to love it and here is why. Early morning humidity during swab summer was the most amazing experience, despite the morning workout. Standing outside in the cool morning dew with a slight breeze was momentarily relaxing. This short opportunity also allowed the swabs to get a glimpse of the beautiful east coast sunrises. I vividly remember waking up on sea trials day, marching down to lower field and eating breakfast. We sat in peace before our long day, eating some sort of breakfast sandwiches when the sun started to rise. I have never seen such a vivid and beautiful sunrise. The clouds were a soft shade of cotton pink as the sky lit up with a deep pink and yellow. These sunrises have become a welcoming view to start my days at the Academy. The Connecticut rain is also amazing. I know not everyone loves the rain but here it is so crisp and beautiful. Rainy days during swab summer were my favorite. Marching in the rain felt cool and relaxing. It gave me a slight second to relax and feel calm. The rain continues through the school year, and I can’t help but walk just a tiny bit slower to feel the rain. I haven’t experienced the east coast snow yet, but I’m hoping for a possible snow day to teach some beach lovers what a real snow fort looks like.

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