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Time Management

Jack Davidson | September 12, 2023

Jack Davidson

Being a cadet, student, and a collegiate athlete can be difficult to balance at times. In order to balance all of these, it requires intense planning, dedication, and persistence. Careful planning is necessary to meet all the deadlines required by the Academy. I always keep a detailed planner and write down every deadline I must meet. Also, I plan out my day with sticky notes and a detailed plan for how I will divide up my day. I have found doing this is the best strategy for completing all my daily tasks and accomplishing my goals. During free periods of the week, I aim to get as much classwork and homework done as possible. With planning my day, I have more flexibility when I complete tasks and work ahead of time. Doing so allows me to fully enjoy practice as a track athlete and spend extra time with my teammates after practice, having fun playing soccer or throwing a frisbee.

Getting ahead of homework is important but doing my military obligations earlier in the week has proven very useful in staying on top of everything. With all of this, I always make sure to schedule time for myself. Every night after practice, I go to dinner with my teammates and friends. I also set aside at least twenty minutes every night to work on a personal project. Most recently, I have been making a video recapping everything I did in the year 2022. Setting time aside for myself is very important for taking care of myself, so that I can grow professionally as a leader and as a person.

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