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Why Connecticut is Cool

Cheyenne Waters | November 17, 2022

Cheyenne WatersI would like to take a second to talk about things to do in Connecticut. While you shouldn’t make your college solely on the location, there are many positive things about the area around the Academy. My dad was in the military, so I moved around a lot. I never sent much time in the Northeast. If you are from the Northeast, bear with me. I have had a lot of fun exploring the Northeast. I think my favorite thing about the Northeast is the changing of the seasons. Fall is beautiful. If you look across the Thames River, you can see the leaves change from bright green to a pallet of yellows, oranges, and reds. Come January, the Academy is turned into a sparkling winter wonderland. The Academy is only ten minutes away from the Amtrak station. From the Amtrak station, you could go north to Boston, south to D.C., or anywhere in-between. 

Connecticut is a great central place to explore the Northeast. The local area is also pretty cool. New London is not my favorite place to hang out, but there is a great coffee shop near the train station. My favorite spots in the local area are Mystic and Old Mystic village. Mystic has a lot of cute shops and restaurants. There is even a movie about it: Mystic Pizza. The movie is based on the Mystic Pizza restaurant which actually has pretty good pizza. Mystic village have a lot of unique shops. There is a tea shop that is Alice in Wonderland themed. There is a Harry Potter store and a creepy book store. Those are just my favorites, but there are a lot more. I would definitely suggest taking your parents there. Across the street from Old Mystic Village is the Mystic Aquarium. The aquarium is awesome. They are famous for their beluga whales. They also have a really neat sea lion shows.

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