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Why I Love Marine and Environmental Sciences

Emily Morin | January 5, 2023

Emily MorinI am so happy to be a Marine and Environmental Sciences major at the Academy. The major is actually split into 3 different options (Environmental Science, Marine Science, and Environmental Monitoring) and I chose the Marine Science option. As someone interested in CG missions like Search and Rescue (SAR), Living Marine Resources, Marine Environmental Protection, and Drug and Migrant Interdiction, the knowledge I learn can be directly applied. For example, knowing how currents and wind can move a person in the water can help with finding where to look for them.

Some of my favorite classes so far have been oceans and marine biology related classes. In both Oceans classes, we learn about the circulation and processes regarding the ocean, atmosphere, and land/continents. In the biology based classes, we learn about various underwater animals, their habitats, and their anatomy.

One perk about being an MES major is the fact that we get to do a lot of field work and go on field trips to see or apply what we have been learning first-hand. For example, last year, we went to the beach and took height measurements going towards the water to analyze the beach profile and match it to one of the types we learned about in class. Another one of our trips was going on a nature walk in the woods and along the shore of an estuary to observe and note different processes and events that happened based on our observations. I can’t wait to dive deeper into the major and go on more trips soon!

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