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Erkan Imal, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering, Cyber Systems, Lecturer
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Dr. Erkan ImalDr. Erkan Imal obtained his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Sussex University, Brighton – UK, in 1994. He taught at B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. levels, and supervised theses in a number of universities located in Turkey, Albania, and the U.S. He also held a number of administrative positions during his academic life. Some of them are founding and administering department, vocational college, faculty and research center, being a member of many committees, boards, and juries. The courses taught at different levels are Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Electrical Circuits and Electronics, Introduction to Electrical Machines, Circuit Theory, Simulation Techniques, Signals and Systems, Control Theory, Automatic Control, Control Systems, Process Control, Robot Dynamics and Control, Intelligent Control Techniques, Digital Signal Processing, PLCs, Theory of Fuzzy Systems, Applications of Fuzzy Systems, Advanced Robotics, and Industrial Automation Systems. His research interests are in the area of Control Systems Engineering. His research activities have resulted in 41 scientific publications in journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Imal joined the US Coast Guard Academy in 2022.


  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, February 1994, University of Sussex, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Brighton, England
  • MSc, Electric-Electronics Edu., May 1989, Gazi University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ankara, Turkey
  • BSc, Electric-Electronics Edu., June 1986, Gazi University, Faculty of Technical Education, Ankara, Turkey

Courses Taught

  • Electric Circuits and Machines
  • Introduction to Computing

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Latifoglu, F., Kara, S., Imal, E., “Comparison of Short-Time Fourier Transform and Eigenvector Music Methods Using Discrete Wavelet Transform for Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis”, Journal of Medical Systems, Springer Netherlands, Vol. 33, No. 3, Jun. 2009, pp. 189-197
  • Imal, E., “CDM Based Controller Design for Nonlinear Heat Exchanger Process”, Turk. J. Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci., TUBITAK, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2009, pp. 143-161, DOI:10.3906/elk-0905-45
  • Altuntaş, N., Imal, E., Emanet, N., Ozturk, C., “Reinforcement Learning Based Mobile Robot Navigation”, Turk. J. Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci., TUBITAK, Jun. 2014, DOI: 10.3906/elk-131
  • Imal, E., “Design of CDM-Based Controller for Integrating Pumped Tank Process, Its Comparative Setpoint Tracking Performance, and Disturbance Rejection Capability”, Istanbul University J. Elec. & Electronics Eng., Vol. 9, No. 2, November 2009, pp. 1003-1013
  • Guven, M.E., Imal, E., “Current Sensorless dc Motor Speed Control”, Journal of Qafqaz University, Baku, Azerbaijan, No. 6, Oct. 2000, pp. 91-96
  • Imal, E., Guven, E., Kiray, V., “Application of Fuzzy Logic to the Control of Room Temperature and Air Quality System”, Gazi University Journal of Science, Vol. 11, No. 4, Oct. 1998, pp. 697-710
  • Altuntaş, N., Imal, E., Emanet, N., Ozturk, C., “Reinforcement Learning Based Mobile Robot”, 3rd International Symposium on Computing and Science in Engineering, Kuşadası, Aydın, Turkey, Oct. 2013, ISCSE Proceedings, pp. 284-289
  • Imal, E., Ali-zada, P., Ustun, O., “Multi-Functional Computer-Assisted Electrodynamic Model For Industrial Mechatronics Simulation”, 7th Mechatronics Forum International Conference, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Sep. 2000, Conference Proceedings
  • Sari, M., Imal, E., “Application of Biometrics to Access Control”, NEU-CEE 2001 Electrical, Electronics and Computer Symposium, Lefkosha, Cyprus, May. 2001, Conference Proceedings, pp. 88-91
  • Cavusoğlu, A., Imal, E., Yesilcimen, H., Aydogan, T., “A Knowledge Based System for Controlling the Climate of Greenhouses: A Simulation Approach”, 11th European Simulation Multiconference (ESM’97), Istanbul, Turkey, Jun. 1997, ESM’97 Proceedings, pp. 317-320
  • Imal, E., Williams, G., “Suspension and Propulsion Forces on Can Secondaries of Linear Reluctance Motors”, 7th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON’94), Antalya, Turkey, Apr. 1994, MELECON’94 Proceedings

Professional Memberships

  • IEEE member, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Membership
  • IEEE – CSS member, The IEEE Control Systems Society Membership
  • IEEE – RAS member, The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Membership
  • IET member (MIET), The Institute of Engineering and Technology Membership

Contact Information

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