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Jacob Haw

Ridgecrest, California – Class of 2020
Major: Operations Research and Data Analytics
 Jacob knew he wanted something in the STEM field, but after an honorable defeat against Statics and Engineering Design his 4/c year, he decided the E in Stem was not for him. After talking to the ORDA faculty and cadets, he was surprised to hear nothing but great things about the major, so he switched majors and has not looked back since.

On the rigors of ORDA

“It’s a piece of cake. German Chocolate, cheesecake, Yellowcake Uranium, pick your poison. As with all things, success in ORDA depends on how much work you are willing to put in to understand the concepts and time management. There definitely have been long nights spent just answering two or three “simple” math questions for Network and Nonlinear Optimization or trying to debug my code for Computer Modeling Languages.”

On the applied learning aspect of this major

“The beauty of ORDA is that there are no labs! That’s why it’s often called the hidden gem of the Academy. The extent of my hands-on learning is when I put a pencil in my hands to take notes or type on my computer at an impressive 39 words per minute (T. rex speed according to the website I used).”

On leadership opportunities

“I am the historian for the Asian Pacific American Council (APAC), and it has been one of the best opportunities for growth I have experienced. Being on the APAC board has enabled me to see the inner workings of the Academy, plan overnight trips, and attend once-in-a-lifetime events. If someone told me a year ago that I would fly to Vegas to be guest speaker for the Filipino-American Law Enforcement Organization or organize trips during a government shutdown (among other opportunities), I would think that they were a fibber.” “I am also one of three original Satterlee Hall Duty Officers. We are tasked with safety and integrity of Satterlee Hall and its occupants. Every day we go on rounds of the teachers’ offices to see how they are holding up. ORDA is a family and we look out for each other.”

On the benefits of ORDA

“My teachers, of course. They are a complete joy to be around. I have no doubt that the faculty in the Math Department is the most competent group of teachers and mathematicians on this side of Mississippi. Their doors are always open, inviting you in to ask questions you may have about the material, or to offer a friendly ear if you have personal problems. They not only care about us as math students, but they want us to grow as decent human beings. When they ask how your day is going, they actually want to know.”
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