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Julia Striker: Pre-AIM Interview

Julia Striker | March 14, 2023

Julia Striker

What are your expectations going into AIM?

That I will be challenged, create relationships with the people around me and learn what teamwork means.

How have you prepared?

In addition to my six-day per week swim practice schedule, I began incorporating more dryland work to prepare for the daily physical demands of AIM, and the physical fitness exam (PFE). Push-ups and sit-ups daily, pull ups, and running several days a week. I have begun to prepare myself mentally, too. 

What are you most looking forward to?

The team environment and building relationships with other AIMsters. I have heard these relationships stick around after AIM and through the application process and into Academy life. I am also excited to learn to sail.

Any hesitations?

Making sure that I am mentally prepared enough so that once I am at AIM, I can stay calm and power through the rough times. 

How has your family supported you?

I have always been fortunate to have parents who have supported me in anything I have aspired to do. Their goal has always been for me to have the highest quality education possible and understand that a military academy is a fantastic way to achieve that.  

What do you want to work on during AIM?

My perseverance. 

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