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Taking a Hike

Mack Bucki | December 2, 2022

Mack BuckiOne of my favorite things to do on the weekends here is explore the great outdoors. It is tough being cooped up to a few acres during the workweek. Sometimes, I feel like 80% of my time is spent in my room studying in a half-broken desk chair. So, the weekend is my opportunity to explore and try to make the most of it! Last year, I made a list of my favorite places to bike in the area, so I thought that it would be fitting to write about more of this region’s natural wonders.

#1 – Sheep Ranch

There are no sheep at Sheep’s Ranch; in fact, the woodsy area wedged in the middle of Groton isn’t a ranch at all. It is a historical hiking trail with remnants of stone walls that used to line the farms of Connecticut’s earliest settlers. The best place at Sheep’s Farm is its waterfall which is only a short walk from the parking lot. My sponsor brother got his senior pictures taken there- it is some of the best natural scenery southeastern CT has to offer!

#2 – Jerimoth Hill

The tallest point in Rhode Island is a stone’s throw away from the academy. It used to only be open to the public five days of the year but is now accommodating to any interested travelers. The smallest state’s tallest landmark is far from mountainous. In fact, it is only 812 feet high! Jerimoth Hill is a 45-min-drive away from USCGA and only takes twenty minutes to complete, making it a perfect option for a day trip.

#3 – Devil’s Hopyard

Devil’s Hopyard is a state park located in East Haddam, CT. The 1,000-acre park has a campsite as well as plenty of hiking and biking routes. The location’s main feature is Chapman Falls- a large waterfall located at its center. It is the perfect centerpiece for a weekend getaway or outdoor study site! The obscure name of the park is unknown, but it is thought to originate from the “supernatural” potholes created by Chapman Falls.

Thank you for tuning in to this month’s post!

I’ll catch you next edition for a recap of USCGA’s triathlon season.

Take care and Go Bears!

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