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Abbie Tingstad, Ph.D.

Professor of Arctic Research

Abbie Tingstad, Ph.D.Dr. Tingstad a visiting professor of Arctic research at the Center for Arctic Study and Policy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Her research focuses on Arctic governance and cooperation, high latitude threats and hazards, and the intersection of Arctic physical and social science in the far north. Recent research examples include: examining different pathways for Arctic development, documenting the Arctic capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces, examining the potential implications of U.S. extended continental shelf claims, analyzing needs for digital modernization, understanding priorities for technology research & development, and developing methods for foresight activities including analytic gaming.

Dr. Tingstad is also an adjunct physical scientist at the RAND Corporation where she conducted policy research since 2010 related to strategy and planning in defense and homeland security, and for the environment. She also held positions in research management, including as an associate director for the Management, Technology, and Capabilities program within the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center Federally Funded Research Development Center.


  • University of California at Los Angeles, PhD in Physical Geography, 2010
  • University of Oxford, MSc Environmental Geomorphology, 2005

Courses Taught

  • Arctic Area Studies

Selected Publications and Presentations:

  • Tingstad, Abbie, The US Is Taking an Important, but Imperfect Step in Initiating Extended Continental Shelf Claims – What Are the Implications for the Arctic? Wilson Center website, December 2023.
  • Tingstad, Abbie, Being an Arctic Nation is for the Good of All Americans, The Maritime Executive, November 2023.
  • Tingstad, Abbie, Enhancing Security in a Changing Arctic. Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center operated by the RAND Corporation, 2023.
  • Tingstad, Abbie, Scott Savitz, Benjamin J. Sacks, Yuliya Shokh, Irina A. Chindea, Scott R. Stephenson, Michael T. Wilson, James G. Kallimani, Kristin Van Abel, Stephanie Pezard, Isabelle Winston, Inez Khan, Dan Abel, Clay McKinney, Yvonne K. Crane, Katheryn Giglio, Sherrill Lingel, and Lyle J. Morris, Report on the Arctic Capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2023.
  • Mehta, Karishma R., Abbie Tingstad, Emily Allendorf, Emily Haglund, Krista Romita Grocholski, and Gary Cecchine, Existing and Emerging Topics and Potential Priorities for the Safety and Security of the Maritime Environment. Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center operated by the RAND Corporation, 2023.

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