History of Volunteers

Civilians began volunteering for the Coast Guard in the1930s through the Coast Guard Auxiliary. In 1975, the Auxiliary began to formally support Academy Admissions, principally by recruiting prospective cadets to Academy Introduction Mission (AIM). From 1996 to 2005, the Auxiliary helped Admissions through the Coast Guard Academy Team EAGLE (CGATE) program. Today, Academy Admissions Partners include:

  • Alumni of the Coast Guard Academy
  • Active duty and reserve personnel
  • Parents of current and former cadets
  • Members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Coast Guard civilian employees

Every year, our Academy Admissions Partners travel over 100,000 miles and attend nearly 5,000 hours of Admissions recruiting events to conduct CGA outreach with tens of thousands of students. Admissions Partner efforts directly influence Academy application and acceptance rates and aid in shaping the future leadership of our service.

The Organization

The Associate Director of Admissions for Volunteer Programs, under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Admissions, supervises the Academy Admissions Partner program.

Regional/State Partner Coordinators

Help manage Partner activities and mentor new Partners in their local area.

The Partner Management and Advisory Board

The Partner Management and Advisory Board convenes annually and represents each of the member constituency groups. The Partner Management and Advisory Board advises the Director of Admissions in developing program policy, program communications, training and Partner incentive programs.

The current Academy Admissions Partner Management and Advisory Board members, the year they joined and the subcommittee they serve on are:

Board President: Oversees all active projects, new proposals and tracks completion.

  • Ace Castle, 2013 (Active Duty and Alumni Representative)

Governance: Oversees Board by laws, Partner organization, Partner effort priorities, SUPTINST review.

  • Walter Grudzinski, 2021 (Alumni Representative)
  • Lyn McClelland, 2021 (Auxiliary Representative)
  • Jeff Pettitt, 2021 (Alumni, Retired Coast Guard Representative)

Membership: Works with AAP qualification/testing, orientation and refresher training, awards/rewards and recognition, and AAP continuation.

  • David Sot, 2015 (Auxiliary Representative)
  • Darnell Talbert, 2020 (AMOT, Active Duty/Reserve)
  • Ken Jacobs, 2019 (Auxiliary Representative)

Member Services: Member Services: Works with communications; AAP portal, equipment and supplies (GPO), and forms.

  • Kathi Clayton, 2020 (Parent, AAP State Coordinator)
  • Jim Cortes, 2019 (Auxiliary Representative)
  • Kim Isaacs, 2021 (Parent and Auxiliary Representative)