Why Volunteer?

You are giving back to the U.S. Coast Guard as an Academy Admissions Partner by:

  • Identifying and recruiting future commissioned officers who are well-educated and prepared to lead.
  • Improving public awareness about one of America’s finest undergraduate engineering programs – the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.
  • Enjoying the rewards of volunteer service:
    • The pride you will feel for increasing awareness of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and strengthening its reputation as one of America’s finest engineering colleges
    • The opportunity to receive official Coast Guard recognition for your service
    • The knowledge that you are identifying men and women of character to lead our nation
    • The fulfillment you will experience when you play an important part in bringing a young person to the decision to accept their appointment
    • The opportunity to reconnect with old friends, coaches, teachers and classmates
    • The satisfaction that you are contributing your time to benefit the extended Coast Guard family