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Cyber Partnerships

Academic and professional development are the core of the cadet experience. Co-curricular academic and professional offerings provide opportunities to learn from faculty outside the classroom and experts in the field.

For more information about internship partners and the Academy’s relationship with the U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center, visit

Cyber Outreach

Under the oversight of the Cyber Council, the Academy conducts outreach in the Corps of Cadets and with secondary school students.

Cyber Range – A mandatory component of second-class (junior) summer for all cadets, to establish foundational knowledge of cyber concepts and principles.

Turkey Hangout CTF – An outreach event sponsored by the CGA Cyber Council and conducted by the USCGA Cyber Team for high school students. For more information, visit

NET21 – A youth leadership experience operating under the U.S. Coast Guard’s Partnership in Education Program. NET21 introduces local youth to the field of cybersecurity and provides mentorship to pursue challenging academic goals.

Cyber Resources

Cadets, faculty, and Service stakeholders are welcome to use this library of resources to further their work.

Those interested in learning more about cybersecurity are encouraged to check out the following resources:

Have a free resource that you would like us to feature, contact the Vice Chair of the Cyber Council!

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Superintendent’s Council for Cyber Education and Training
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USCGA Cyber Council Chair
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USCGA Cyber Council Vice Chair
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