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Cyber Resources

Cyber Partnerships

Academic and professional development are the core of the cadet experience. Co-curricular academic and professional offerings provide opportunities to learn from faculty outside the classroom and experts in the field.

For more information about internship partners and the Academy’s relationship with the U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center, visit

The Academy’s cyber policies and procedures are aligned with federal regulations. This includes all cadets and faculty completing the Department of Defense’s Cyber Awareness Challenge. To learn more about federal cybersecurity policies, visit or Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Reference Architecture.

Cyber Team

The Academy has an active Cyber Team that competes throughout the academic year. The Academy is proud to highlight some of the Team’s 2022-2023 accomplishments and upcoming events.

This is the premier competition of the fall semester. The top 06 cadets from the USCGA Cyber Team traveled to Chicago to compete in a “live-fire” scenario against over 165 teams from over 150 of the top cybersecurity collegiate programs in the country in the 7th Annual DOE CyberForce Competition. Cadets competed categories such as developing secure web infrastructure from scratch, integrating enterprise IT systems and assessing security, carrying out network and host-based forensic analysis of attacks, and documenting five threat hunting and incident response scenarios in a time-constrained setting. In the first year of competing, and out of over 165 teams, the CGA Cyber Team finished 13th place overall and bested all military academies and senior military colleges in attendance, as well as many other well-known collegiate cyber programs.

Members of the CGA Cyber Team participated in the National Cyber League Fall 2022 Individual and Team Competitions, measuring skills in a wide variety of cyber disciplines ranging from web application hacking to digital forensics, cryptography, and reverse engineering. Underclass team members led the way in the individual competition, with our top scoring cadet (3/c Fulbright) finishing in the top 4% out of over 6,500 competitors across the country. In the team competition, a mixed team of upperclass and underclass cadets finished in a similar top tier of teams.

During 20-22 January 2023, 15 cadets from the CGA Cyber Team traveled to Washington, DC to learn, compete, and network at the Shmoocon 2023 Cybersecurity Conference. Cyber Team cadets attended keynote presentations, networked with CGCYBER Officers and industry processionals, and studied and competed in a variety of technical fields including reverse engineering, cryptography, and RFID exploitation. Some notable cadet achievements from the conference are:

  • A team of underclass cadets were the first-place finishers of the Clarity Cybersecurity Cryptography Challenge, finishing the challenges hours before any other team in attendance did.
  • 1/c Campbell worked collaboratively with prior CG Cyber officers to solve the RET2 Systems reverse engineering challenge, a prestigious and notable reverse engineering puzzle that no CGA cadet has solved in three years.
From 19-21 April 2023 the Cyber Team will compete in the National Security Agency’s annual National Cyber Exercise (NCX) against other service academies and senior military colleges. Multiple four-person CGA teams will compete in such areas as data analysis, digital forensics, reverse engineering, and policy. The event concludes on the final day with a six hour “live-fire” attack and defense event.

Cyber Outreach

Under the oversight of the Cyber Council, the Academy conducts outreach in the Corps of Cadets and with secondary school students.

Cyber Range – A mandatory component of second-class (junior) summer for all cadets, to establish foundational knowledge of cyber concepts and principles.

NET21 – A youth leadership experience operating under the U.S. Coast Guard’s Partnership in Education Program. NET21 introduces local youth to the field of cybersecurity and provides mentorship to pursue challenging academic goals.

Cyber Resources

Cadets, faculty, and Service stakeholders are welcome to use this library of resources to further their work.

Those interested in learning more about cybersecurity are encouraged to check out the following resources: Those interested in staying up to date on cybersecurity news are encouraged to check out the following resources: Those interested in more advanced Cybersecurity education are encouraged to explore the following:

Have a free resource that you would like us to feature, contact the Vice Chair of the Cyber Council!

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Contact Information

Superintendent’s Council for Cyber Education and Training
CDR Joseph Benin
USCGA Cyber Council Chair
(860) 444-8282
LT Katelyn Waddle
USCGA Cyber Council Vice Chair
(860) 701-6528

Sponsor Family Application

Thank you for submitting your application to be part of the Sponsor Family Program. Your application will be processed in the upcoming week. Coast Guard Academy’s policy on background screening now requires all adults (everyone 18 and older living in the home) who volunteer to mentor, teach, coach or sponsor cadets, whether on or off Coast Guard Academy grounds, to be screened every 5 years. They are required to provide personal information (name, birth date and social security number) for the purpose of conducting a criminal background check.

The Security Officer at the Coast Guard Academy, CWO2 Gina Polkowski, is overseeing this process. Her email is:

Sponsor Family designations fall into several different categories. Below are the guidelines to help you determine how best to meet the background screening requirement:

  1. If you are Coast Guard active duty you do not need to apply for an additional Background Check. You will be vetted through the Coast Guard system by CWO2 Polkowski.
  2. If you are a Civilian working for the Coast Guard you do not need to apply for an additional Background Check. You will be vetted through the Coast Guard system by CWO2 Polkowski.
  3. If you are non-Coast Guard Active Duty, you are required to provide proof of your current security clearance or National Agency Check that is to be emailed by your Command Security Officer (CSO)/ Security Office to CWO2 Polkowski at
  4. If you are non-Coast Guard civilian who has a current security clearance or National Agency check, you are required to provide proof of your current security clearance or National Agency Check that is to be emailed by your Command Security Officer (CSO)/ Security Office to CWO2 Polkowski at
  5. All civilians in the families who are 18 years or older and do not have a security clearance or a National Agency Check are required to be vetted through Mind Your Business, the third party vendor hired by the Coast Guard Academy for the vetting process.

After you complete your application, please e-mail the Sponsor Family Program Coordinator at In your e-mail, you must include the e-mail address and phone number of every adult living in the home. The Sponsor Family Coordinator will then initiate the background check process and you will receive an email with further instructions.

Important things to note:

There is a Sponsor Family Training that is a one-hour training which we ask sponsors to attend once every four years. This training is designed to give you an overview of the program, what is expected of you as a sponsor, and what you can expect from your cadets. This training will also help familiarize you with the cadet regulations onboard CGA. You will be notified via e-mail once the training is scheduled.

The matching process of swabs to families will occur during July and August. Please bear with us and remain flexible through this process. There will be a meet and greet scheduled on Campus, typically in late August. This will give families an opportunity to formally meet their cadet if they have not already done so. Details on this will also be via email.

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