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Alex Broomfield

Duluth, Georgia – Class of 2019 Major: Mechanical Engineering
When Alex Broomfield was younger, he always wanted to know how things worked and how they were made. So when it came time to choose a college major, he decided on Mechanical Engineering, a degree that would challenge him intellectually, as well as provide a well-rounded understanding of the world around him.

On the opportunity to apply learning

“Mechanical engineering requires intuition and the ability to take something learned in the classroom and apply it to something bigger than just a textbook problem. I enjoy seeing how the things that I learn in higher-level math classes, like differential equations or multivariable calculus, show up and have a real-world application in classes like Dynamics or Fluids.”

On learning time management

“Every class has its own challenges, but the biggest one is always time management. Each class requires work outside the classroom to fully grasp the concepts necessary to succeed in the course, and balancing that work is a challenge.”

On preparation for the Coast Guard

“With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I feel confident that I could report onto any Coast Guard cutter, walk into the engine room, and have a working understanding of the machinery and systems. I feel I could be an active participant in technical conversations onboard the cutter, which will be a valuable skill to have as an engineer.”

On life beyond the Coast Guard

“Looking outside the Coast Guard, having a degree in Mechanical Engineering will demonstrate my ability to learn rigorous material as well as my competency with technical topics, which would be valuable to any employer, regardless of the field.”
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