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Cassandra Hawley

LTJG Cassandra Hawley is currently a H65 helicopter pilot stationed Sector/Air Station North Bend, Oregon. As a pilot, she feels her Mechanical Engineering education prepared her well for flight school.

On practical learning

“I enjoyed the hands-on experiences the most while studying Mechanical Engineering because I am a visual learner and taking what we learned in a classroom and practically applying it to make tangible products aided in my understanding of the material.”

On applying knowledge

“The workload of my major definitely helped when going to flight school with time management and the content helped in understanding aircraft systems. There were things I understand a lot better with my Mechanical Engineering background than others such as what a cam is and how it works/plays a part in the system, engines, moment/center of gravity, all of which helped in understanding aircraft weight and balance and how important it is.”

On preparation for the future

“Mechanical Engineering is not easy, but it is very rewarding and opens a lot of doors in your future. Mechanical Engineering is a broad undergraduate degree and allows you to choose from a multitude of graduate degrees in the future, it keeps doors open in your career that require an engineering undergrad (the Structures Aviation Engineering program),and it teaches you how to solve problems.”

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