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Melissa Barrett

LTJG Melissa Barrett is currently an Apprentice Marine Inspector stationed at the Marine Safety Unit Houma, Lousiana.

On the Mechanical Engineering “team”

“I enjoyed the close-knit environment that developed between all the mechanical engineers as we became upperclassmen. Taking all the same classes and labs, working on homework and projects together, late nights in the MechE lounge for our senior projects etc. brought us together and helped us to work as a team to make it through, especially as things got harder.”

On preparing for a career in the fleet

“I am an Apprentice Marine Inspector, which involves inspecting vessels including their engine room with all its mechanical and electrical components. Having a background in studying and taking apart the types of machinery gave me an increased comfort level and understanding when inspecting such spaces. “

On outstanding faculty

“The student to teacher ratio is about 8:1, which provides an incredible learning environment where students get the utmost individual attention. Every time I felt I was struggling or wanted to simply confirm an answer, I was able to get help immediately. The teachers stay after hours, give out personal phone numbers, and are always willing to answer a late email. I would say don’t hold yourself back from pursuing a major you do not think you will excel at. You will get the best instructors who will help you to the best of their ability.”

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