Sponsor Family Program

Almost 300 members of the Class of 2026 reported to the Coast Guard Academy on June 27, 2022.

A Sponsor Family Training will be scheduled soon at the Coast Guard Academy.

The Meet and Greet with Sponsor Families and cadets will be held Tuesday, August 16, 2022 in the Leamy Hall Ballroom at the Coast Guard Academy. There will likely be another training scheduled in conjunction with the Meet and Greet. More information to follow.

Program Information

The Sponsor Family Program consists of volunteer families from the local area who aim to provide cadets with support, mentorship, and learning beyond the Academy, as well as the comforts of a home away from home. The program is structured to give cadets exposure to the local area and to make cadets’ integration into Academy life easier and more effective.

Incoming cadets are given the option to apply for the program during their Swab Summer training. We recognize that some cadets will require more support than others in order to meet the challenges at CGA; therefore, this program is optional for the new cadets. We highly encourage cadets to think about their schedules, personalities, and preferences to determine if the program is a good fit for them. Cadets who do not sign up for the program initially have the option to join the program and request for a sponsor family at a later time depending on their needs.

This program is loosely monitored by the Sponsor Family Coordinator to encourage the cadets and their sponsor families to create a more personal and direct relationship. The Sponsor Family Coordinator is available throughout the year to provide training, counsel, mediation, and assist in conflict resolution. Sponsor families and cadets are required to attend a training that will provide familiarization and clear expectations for the program.

Families who are new to the program will have to fill out the online application form, undergo a background check, and provide two references (name, phone number, & email) who are not family members as part of DoD security procedures.

Returning families who wish to sponsor another cadet from the incoming class will also need to fill out the online application form. Returning families who have completed the background check, references, and Sponsor Family Training within the last five years are exempt from these requirements.

To learn more about the program, please download the Program Overview below.

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