Application Tips

David McCullough

I remember starting my application to the Coast Guard Academy, I didn’t really know where to start and knew I would have to make myself stand out to be considered in a highly competitive school. This is some advice for those of you who are starting your applications and feeling the same as I did […]

Staying Organized

Grace Edmonson - 2026

Hello, hello! I’m 4/c Gigi Edmondson, from Marlborough, Massachusetts. When I got into USCGA, I used to scour these blog posts and read every single one hoping for some advice or insight about what to do with myself once I got here. I got a lot of really great tips from these posts, so today […]

From Saipan to the Coast Guard Academy

Noah Mesa - 2026

I was born and raised on a 12-mile-long island about 120 miles North of Guam called Saipan. The island is as different from the academy as it is far. In Saipan, everything is no more than 20 minutes away, nothing is taxed, everyone has an abundance of hospitality, it’s a consistent 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and […]

Building Resilience

Savannah Riera - 2026

I am an avid reader and enjoy selecting books which interest me outside of my required school reading. I found the book Resilience, by Eric Greitens, to be inspiring, captivating and relatable to many experiences in my own life. The book explores the virtue of resilience, its importance in life and why many people possess […]

Commonly Asked Questions (Part 1)

Cheyenne Waters

How is the food?  We have cadets from other Academies that stay at the Coast Guard Academy for a semester. We called them exchangers. I have heard from multiple exchangers that the Coast Guard’s food is the best! I personally really like dinner. There are a lot of choices.  Lunch, however, is more limited than […]

What Happens After 1600

Jonah Lee - 2025

For most people, classes run from 0800 to around 1600, or 4:00 pm. After that, the rest of the day is yours. The sports period is from 1600 – 1800 (4:00 pm — 6:00 pm), and you’d see all the varsity athletes and other various athletic clubs practicing, as well as the band, orchestra, or […]

Finding My Balance

Bryce Samples - 2024

One thing I really enjoy when I am at the Academy is finding my balance to the daily academic and military obligations. During the work week I find myself hanging out with friends late at night, eating with them in the Wardroom, or going to sporting events. The sports here are so fun to watch […]

Why I Love Marine and Environmental Sciences

Emily Morin

I am so happy to be a Marine and Environmental Sciences major at the Academy. The major is actually split into 3 different options (Environmental Science, Marine Science, and Environmental Monitoring) and I chose the Marine Science option. As someone interested in CG missions like Search and Rescue (SAR), Living Marine Resources, Marine Environmental Protection, […]

Sponsor Family Program

Kobi Weiland - 2025

I am from Alaska so while deciding to come to the academy I was worried (and so was my mom) about moving so far away from home. The time difference makes traveling home challenging and I didn’t know anyone near New London that I could go to on weekends unlike the cadets that live only […]

Thankful for a Strong Community

Christian Salayon - 2026

One thing that I love about the Academy is the strong community that continues to grow with time. As I was thinking about this, I realized how awesome it is to be able to connect with my shipmates, teachers, and mentors in a real and genuine way. Just the other day as I was squaring around Chase, I randomly struck up a greeting […]