Taking a Hike

Mack Bucki

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends here is explore the great outdoors. It is tough being cooped up to a few acres during the workweek. Sometimes, I feel like 80% of my time is spent in my room studying in a half-broken desk chair. So, the weekend is my opportunity to […]

My Time as the Bravo Company Guidon

2/c Madison Foht

My time as the Bravo Company Guidon has been a time of learning. I was Phase 2 Swab Summer cadre, so I went straight from in the fire back into the fire as a semester one guidon. From Phase 2 Swab Summer I took along with me two of my fellow cadre who are now […]

Giving Thanks

Eli Griffin

It’s that time of year where everyone is encouraged to be thankful for the gifts life has offered them. Thanksgiving reminds us that surviving challenging times does not happen alone, and that there is good cause to take the time to be thankful when the rewards are plentiful. Thanksgiving is a time to be appreciative of your […]

Switching Majors

3/c J. Ryan Weston

When I originally applied to the Academy, I was dead set on Electrical Engineering. In high school I took a class called AP Physics: Electricity and Magnetism which opened my mind to a possible career in the world of engineering, specifically with electricity. Without taking too many major specific classes 4/c year, I had no […]


4/c Dana Walker - 2026

After completing Swab Summer and the first quarter of 4/c year I have learned how important sleep is. During Swab summer you are required to go to sleep after taps or 2000 but in the school year you could pull an all-nighter every night although this is not recommended. Your independence skills are tested with […]

Why Connecticut is Cool

Cheyenne Waters

I would like to take a second to talk about things to do in Connecticut. While you shouldn’t make your college solely on the location, there are many positive things about the area around the Academy. My dad was in the military, so I moved around a lot. I never sent much time in the […]

Bears Swimming on the Rise

Victor Parks - 2026

The swim season is in full blossom at the Coast Guard Academy, as both the men and women’s varsity swimming teams are off to a hot start. The head coach of the swim team, John Westkott, has been very clear since the start of the season that he is going to be training us harder […]

The Best Things About Connecticut!

Gustava Drew - 2025

I am from Los Angeles, California, and I knew nothing about Connecticut before coming to the United States Coast Guard Academy. Still, here I am in my second year of USCGA, writing about all the lovely things Connecticut offers. First off, Connecticut has snow, which might be a foreign word for some of you, like […]

Smooth Sailing – Dinghy Sailing Team at Nationals 2022

2/c Lauren O'Neill

This past summer, the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association National Championships were held in New Orleans, Louisiana and the sailing team hit the water running for training as soon as finals ended! While all of our classmates were beginning their military summer training, we spent our first week of summer at the Coast Guard Academy scrimmaging with […]

Staying Active with Your Favorite Sports

Emily Morin

Track and Field: My main sport at the Academy is Track and Field. I am a thrower on the team and my favorite events are javelin and discus, but I also throw shot put, hammer throw, and weight throw on occasion. I actually never thought that I would compete in a varsity team after high […]