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Four Years of Highlights

Cheyenne Waters

What is great about each year at the Coast Guard Academy? Freshman year – You might hear a lot of bad things about freshman or 4/c year at the Academy. However, even this year has its highlights. First, you make a lot of friends. You get to make a variety of friends. You will become […]

What I Learned from Parent’s Weekend

Monty Rickey

Hi everyone! The month of October has been crazy busy, filled with Columbus Day Weekend, Midterms, Parents’ Weekend, and of course, Halloween. It’s crazy to think that I am already half way through the semester, especially because it seems like forever ago that I reported in on July 1st. After the first few weeks of […]

How Much This Place Has Changed Me

Recently, the 4th class at the Academy, myself included, experienced an annual tradition called 101st night, where we become ‘swabs’ again for a few hours and it’s mainly compromised of a lot of yelling and a few push-ups. However, it was a sharp contrast to Swab Summer, when I felt like I drifted through the […]

Billet Night Excitement

I write today from the confines of my room, as a snowstorm closed base! Thankfully this means that there were no classes today, not even the virtual kind. Today has been a well-needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of a typical spring semester. The major difference this spring semester is (and you probably guessed […]

What is Gangway?

Gangway is a privilege that 1/c cadets earn during their last semester at the Academy, usually in April or May. This privilege allows 1/c cadets to leave campus whenever they would like, as long as they are not absent from military obligations. This includes morning formations, meals, trainings, and classes. Prior to earning gangway, 1/c […]

Secret Perks of Being a Cadet

Being in the military brings lots of perks. If you are thinking about joining a military service academy or ROTC, here are a few unexpected perks that might be thrown your way. Chipotle does a law enforcement discount, and technically, the Coast Guard is the only branch of the military with law enforcement authority. If […]

The Last Stretch

Time at the Academy flies by, but also feels so slow. I don’t know why the days feel like forever but the weeks go fast. The last few months has been crazy with Billet Night , spring break, castle dance, and more. Here, I’ll summarize all the things you can look forward to when you’re […]

The Final Blog

Well, the time has arrived. The great Class of 2021 (go odd years!) is heading out to the fleet in just a few days. It still hasn’t hit me yet that classes are done and it’s time to leave Connecticut. The classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024 have been slowly leaving Chase Hall to head […]

Focusing On My Final Memories

Hello readers! I write this on more of a bittersweet note. I have successfully completed my final cross country season, after eight years of running the sport. When I look back at those four seasons at the Academy, and consider everything that has happened, I smile fondly. I can remember trying to be recruited from […]

The Suspense of Waiting for Billet Night

Billet Night is one of the most highly anticipated events of firstie year, as it is the night when seniors find out where they will be assigned for their Ensign tour. I look forward to watching Billet Night every year because it is exciting and inspiring to see your friends, teammates, and mentors begin planning […]

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