Law Enforcement in Bahrain: Cadet Summer Assignment

Mariah Dewey

“I am attracted to a high speed and exciting lifestyle,” said First Class Cadet (1/c) Mariah Dewey. With weapons handling, tactical egress, responding to traumatic injuries and learning all about the MK19 grenade launcher and the .50 Cal machine gun, there was no shortage of adrenaline during Dewey’s summer assignment. Her six-week training period in […]

From Following to Leading: 1/c EAGLE Experience

cadet Lindsey Blake on the Eagle

The last time she was on EAGLE was as a swab. Three years later, she stepped aboard America’s tall ship in a leadership role this summer. “Onboard EAGLE as a swab, my main job was to follow orders and show up to tasks on time. My role as a first class (1/c) on EAGLE was […]

A Customized Tour of Italy: Cadet Summer Assignment Series

1/c Adam Pagliarulo

NEW LONDON, Conn – A tour of Italy kicked off First Class Cadet Adam Pagliarulo’s summer. His three-week stay abroad included visits to Rome, Florence, Lampedusa, Palermo, Agrigento, Ragusa, Syracuse and Taormina. His only guideline was to plan his agenda and immerse himself in Italian culture, so he made the most of it. “The other […]

Bringing Languages Full Circle

NEW LONDON, Conn – May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and the graduating class of 2022 had one of the highest number of Asian graduates. The Asian Pacific American Council (APAC) also hosted a creative event to help bilingual cadets preserve their languages. The first language circle was held this past April. […]

Inter-Service Academy Flight Competition – 2022

cadet in helo

NEW LONDON, Conn – The Inter-Service Academy Flight Competition took place on April 15th-17th at Stewart International Airport, NY. The United States Military Academy at West Point hosted the Coast Guard and Naval Academy Flight teams for a series of eight events to demonstrate aviation knowledge, practical skill, and teamwork. The events were judged by […]

Coast Guard History in the Making

NEW LONDON, Conn – President Joe Biden recently nominated Admiral Linda L. Fagan to serve as the 27th Commandant of the Coast Guard. Fagan will be the first woman to serve as Commandant of the Coast Guard; she currently serves as the 32nd Vice Commandant. First Class Cadet Elizabeth Carter, graduating from the Academy this […]

Come READY: The Academy Introduction Mission (AIM)

high school kids attending AIM

NEW LONDON, Conn – AIM is nearly three months away, but the preparation is here already. Second Class Cadet (2/c) Andrew Cruver is working hard to make this experience the best it can be for AIMsters. “As Battalion AIM Officer, I coordinate alongside the Battalion AIM Logistics officer and the Battalion AIM Company Commander. Together, […]