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Lara Taha

Jordan Major: Electrical Engineering Sports/Clubs: Rifle

1/c Lara TahaAt first, my family was terrified at the idea of me traveling to another country for college. But they gave me an overwhelming amount of support and help throughout the entire Academy application process, providing me with the resources and skills necessary to succeed.

When I arrived at the Academy it was a big change for me. The biggest challenge was getting used to the new environment. I didn’t have a military background, which made it hard during my 4/c (first) year to understand what was going on militarily, but once I got used to it, the Academy became like a second home to me.

I chose to be an Electrical Engineering major because it’s a field that perfectly aligns with my passion for engineering and my interests in computer systems and cybersecurity. This major offers the ideal blend of engineering principles and coursework related to cyber systems allowing you to branch into either the electrical engineering or cyber systems fields.

Thinking of attending the Academy? I understand that it can be a scary step and I remember countless moments of hesitation before leaving my home and friends behind. Now I can say with unwavering certainty that I have never regretted this decision. The Coast Guard Academy experience has been incredibly rewarding and enriching, affording me tremendous personal growth while instilling in me the qualities of a great leader. I look forward to bringing the education and experience gained here back to my home country. Embracing new perspectives and knowledge is always valuable.

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