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Megan Doubrava: Post-AIM Interview

Megan Doubrava

What were your first impressions? When I was with my family, before AIM started, I thought the campus was beautiful and I enjoyed walking around and taking it all in.  After my parents dropped me off, we were separated into our platoons and were required to stand out on the bulkhead.  That’s when I realized […]

Megan Doubrava: Pre-AIM Interview

Megan Doubrava

What are your expectations going into AIM? New challenges to overcome. Since AIM will be a challenging week, it will help me grow and decide if I am ready to be a cadet at the Coast Guard Academy. How have you prepared? Running and strength training. I combine this training with my daily swimming practices. […]

Julia Striker: Post-AIM Interview

Julia Striker

What were your first impressions? Nervous; but I started to calm down when I got to look around the beautiful campus and meet everyone in my platoon.  But once the cadre came in and took us to Chase Hall, that’s when I realized that it was “go time” and I no longer had time to […]

Julia Striker: Pre-AIM Interview

Julia Striker

What are your expectations going into AIM? That I will be challenged, create relationships with the people around me and learn what teamwork means. How have you prepared? In addition to my six-day per week swim practice schedule, I began incorporating more dryland work to prepare for the daily physical demands of AIM, and the […]

Lily Rivera: Post-AIM Interview

Lily Rivera

What were your first impressions? When I arrived in Connecticut, I was picked up from the airport alongside other AIMsters and taken to the Coast Guard Academy. From there, we grabbed our bags and organized them against the sidewalk. We all got registered and met with others in our platoon. After orientation, the intensity began. […]

Lily Rivera: Pre-AIM Interview

Lily Rivera

What are your expectations going into AIM? A realistic program where I am fully immersed in life as a cadet. AIM has the reputation of either “blowing you into the Coast Guard life” or “blowing you out.” I expect to be pushed to my limit with new challenges. While at AIM, I hope to confirm […]

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