Cadet Blogs

Savannah Riera - 2026

A Sense of Belonging

My life journey, cultural upbringing, values and moving overseas to Lima, Peru for over five years was an impactful event in my life and a period of personal growth. It

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Lydia Boyer - 2026

Guitars 4 Veterans

Cadets have the unique opportunity to join a veterans guitar jam session at the nearby Veterans Outreach Center in Norwich, Connecticut. It is one of the many ways in which

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Michelle Swanson - 2026


Nankurunaisa. In English, there is no word that sums up this Okinawan term which roughly translates to: “don’t worry- it’ll be alright.” “Nankurunaisa,” is what my Obachan, my grandma, whispered

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Mack Bucki

Taking a Hike

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends here is explore the great outdoors. It is tough being cooped up to a few acres during the workweek. Sometimes,

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Eli Griffin

Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year where everyone is encouraged to be thankful for the gifts life has offered them. Thanksgiving reminds us that surviving challenging times does not happen alone, and

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3/c J. Ryan Weston

Switching Majors

When I originally applied to the Academy, I was dead set on Electrical Engineering. In high school I took a class called AP Physics: Electricity and Magnetism which opened my

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4/c Dana Walker - 2026


After completing Swab Summer and the first quarter of 4/c year I have learned how important sleep is. During Swab summer you are required to go to sleep after taps

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4/c Dana Walker - 2026