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Christian Salayon - 2026

Reminiscing on my time as a swab, there is one instant I will never forget. During my time on Barque Eagle (a three-masted training ship), I was given one of the coolest opportunities and experiences of my life. For context, during our weeklong voyage from New London, CT to New York, the swabs including myself […]

3/c Summer Experience

Emily Morin

Station New Haven: I loved my time at Station New Haven. There were 4 of us at the station and we stayed for 4 weeks at Sector Long Island Sound right next door. Each day, we would spend our time helping out the crew, going underway on vessel boardings/boat checks, and working on qualifications. I […]

Sailing Aboard Eagle on My Third Class Summer 

Genevieve Middleton

Last summer I was on first phase Eagle for five weeks. This was my second time on Eagle because we spent one week on Eagle over SWAB summer. We departed from New London CT a few days after the end of finals, so it was a very fast transition from the school year to the summer. We packed our sea bags full of […]

My EAGLE Summer

Hey Everyone! School is starting up all around the country and we have just arrived back here at the United States Coast Guard Academy to kick things off for the fall semester! I am excited to be back as this year will be a change from the challenges of 4/c year which, though mentally stressful, […]

My EAGLE Experience

Brian Morel

Anyone coming to the Academy for Swab Summer knows that they’re in for a rough seven weeks; however these people are wrong. Six of those weeks are definitely tough; they’re the indoctrination into the Academy. However, one of those weeks is spent on EAGLE, the Coast Guard’s tall ship used to train cadets and officer […]


Teegan Cordova

I love EAGLE. I absolutely adore the Coast Guard’s 295-foot, barque class tall ship – meaning, a sailing ship with three masts, two of which have square sails, while the third is fore-and-aft rigged. Every officer commissioned into the service since the 1940s has sailed on it, and I glow with pride to have spent […]

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