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Time Management

Jack Davidson

Being a cadet, student, and a collegiate athlete can be difficult to balance at times. In order to balance all of these, it requires intense planning, dedication, and persistence. Careful planning is necessary to meet all the deadlines required by the Academy. I always keep a detailed planner and write down every deadline I must […]

How to be Successful at the Coast Guard Academy

Jonah Lee - 2025

Because of how much structure there is in your schedule at the Coast Guard Academy, life for me at the Academy is just like high school…on steroids! Since you are a full-time college student, while also being a full-time member of the military, also most likely an athlete or musician of some sort, also someone […]

Post-Swab Summer Transition

Gina Sobinovsky - 2026

As I made the transition from Swab Summer to the academic year, I realized that I needed to undergo a very significant mental shift of focus in order to be successful in a new environment. There was no longer a need to be on hyper alert to external stimuli like yelling from the cadre – […]

The Trip of a Lifetime! (Part 2 of an ARP Story)

John Taylor

I now write on the plane from Dakar to JFK. Our trip was so busy and so eye-opening it was hard to reflect on it in the moment, and I know I will never forget it. Our last two days in Senegal were spent meeting with US and local officials. First we met up with […]

Off to Africa! (Part 1 of an ARP Story)

John Taylor

I am currently sitting in the Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport, having just flown in from JFK, waiting for my flight to Dakar, Senegal. I am travelling with 4 of my fellow first-class government majors and CGA’s professor of International Relations and African Politics, Dr. LaMonica, part of our capstone project (called Advanced Research Projects in […]

The Government Major at the Academy

Jack Davidson

The government major, or “Gov” as it as referred to at the Academy, is the largest major, making up nearly one-fifth of the Corps of Cadets. The government major focuses on history, political science, and the humanities, while still taking most of the engineering prerequisites, working towards earning a Bachelor of Science degree, and fulfilling […]

Overcoming Academic Challenges

Hayden Anderson - 2025

Academics at the Academy is certainly challenging to say to least, but one thing that keeps me motivated is my friends and staff members around me. One of the biggest advantages to coming to the Academy is that everyone is always willing to help and work with you till your problem is resolved. Tutors for […]

Why I Love Marine and Environmental Sciences

Emily Morin

I am so happy to be a Marine and Environmental Sciences major at the Academy. The major is actually split into 3 different options (Environmental Science, Marine Science, and Environmental Monitoring) and I chose the Marine Science option. As someone interested in CG missions like Search and Rescue (SAR), Living Marine Resources, Marine Environmental Protection, […]

Switching Majors

3/c J. Ryan Weston

When I originally applied to the Academy, I was dead set on Electrical Engineering. In high school I took a class called AP Physics: Electricity and Magnetism which opened my mind to a possible career in the world of engineering, specifically with electricity. Without taking too many major specific classes 4/c year, I had no […]


4/c Dana Walker - 2026

After completing Swab Summer and the first quarter of 4/c year I have learned how important sleep is. During Swab summer you are required to go to sleep after taps or 2000 but in the school year you could pull an all-nighter every night although this is not recommended. Your independence skills are tested with […]

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