Why I Love Marine and Environmental Sciences

Emily Morin

I am so happy to be a Marine and Environmental Sciences major at the Academy. The major is actually split into 3 different options (Environmental Science, Marine Science, and Environmental Monitoring) and I chose the Marine Science option. As someone interested in CG missions like Search and Rescue (SAR), Living Marine Resources, Marine Environmental Protection, […]

Overcoming Academic Challenges

Hayden Anderson - 2025

Academics at the Academy is certainly challenging to say to least, but one thing that keeps me motivated is my friends and staff members around me. One of the biggest advantages to coming to the Academy is that everyone is always willing to help and work with you till your problem is resolved. Tutors for […]

Switching Majors

3/c J. Ryan Weston

When I originally applied to the Academy, I was dead set on Electrical Engineering. In high school I took a class called AP Physics: Electricity and Magnetism which opened my mind to a possible career in the world of engineering, specifically with electricity. Without taking too many major specific classes 4/c year, I had no […]


4/c Dana Walker - 2026

After completing Swab Summer and the first quarter of 4/c year I have learned how important sleep is. During Swab summer you are required to go to sleep after taps or 2000 but in the school year you could pull an all-nighter every night although this is not recommended. Your independence skills are tested with […]

[MES]sing Around

Hello everyone and happy fall! I wanted to take this opportunity to blog about my major (the best major) here at the Academy and that is MES or Marine and Environmental Sciences. Within my major, I focus on two of the three intended tracks which are biology, physical oceanography and chemistry (I study biology and […]

Ice, Ice Baby

President’s Day weekend can only be described as one thing: awesome. I and eleven other cadets spent the weekend taking an American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) level one course. I took it in Gorham, New Hampshire with the Adventure Club. The first day was in a classroom where we discussed case studies […]

ORCA, Not the Whale

Time flies when you’re having fun…or really busy. I always forget how that saying goes. The school year has quickly ramped up and I can’t believe we’re at midterms and selecting classes for next semester. I’m an Operations Research and Computer Analysis (ORCA) major, which is applied math. I just started my in major classes, […]

I’m Designing an Icebreaker

This semester has been a whirlwind. We were assigned our Capstone groups for the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering major almost as soon as we returned to the Academy after summer training. I am part of a group of four who are working on creating a medium icebreaker with a focus on scientific research. For […]

My Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Hello! I wanted to take some time to talk about why I chose my major, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME), and the experiences I have had with Nav Arch thus far. I will start off by saying that, unlike a lot of my shipmates, I came into the Academy knowing what I wanted to […]