Bears Swimming on the Rise

Victor Parks - 2026

The swim season is in full blossom at the Coast Guard Academy, as both the men and women’s varsity swimming teams are off to a hot start. The head coach of the swim team, John Westkott, has been very clear since the start of the season that he is going to be training us harder […]

Smooth Sailing – Dinghy Sailing Team at Nationals 2022

2/c Lauren O'Neill

This past summer, the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association National Championships were held in New Orleans, Louisiana and the sailing team hit the water running for training as soon as finals ended! While all of our classmates were beginning their military summer training, we spent our first week of summer at the Coast Guard Academy scrimmaging with […]

Staying Active with Your Favorite Sports

Emily Morin

Track and Field: My main sport at the Academy is Track and Field. I am a thrower on the team and my favorite events are javelin and discus, but I also throw shot put, hammer throw, and weight throw on occasion. I actually never thought that I would compete in a varsity team afterhigh school, […]

Joining the Triathlon Team

Happy fall everyone! I hope that the start of another academic year has gone smoothly for all. One of the elements of my return to USCGA that made it remarkably enjoyable was joining the Triathlon team. Never having done a triathlon before, I was nervous coming in. I soon realized, though, that the team is […]

A Busy Fall Semester

Hello readers! Here we are, a little over a month into the Fall Semester. Let’s just say that 3/c year is a huge adjustment. Coming off of the summer, my classmates and I have all lived in the fleet, made new friends, and explored countless new places. Now we saunter through the halls, 4/c traditions […]

Success of Bear’s Hockey

Hey guys! It’s about halfway through my second semester as a 2/c cadet and closing in on the end of the hockey season. We have had our fair share of challenges this year as a club team. First, without a coach running our practices, our captains have been forced to act as player-coaches and plan […]