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Second Family

Noah Mesa - 2026

It’s hard to adjust to new places when you don’t know anyone. That’s usually how it is for most people that come to the Academy. However, one of the benefits of prep school helps that issue by giving you a year to make friends before you attend. Luckily, I met one of my closest friends: […]

Sailing Aboard Eagle on My Third Class Summer 

Genevieve Middleton

Last summer I was on first phase Eagle for five weeks. This was my second time on Eagle because we spent one week on Eagle over SWAB summer. We departed from New London CT a few days after the end of finals, so it was a very fast transition from the school year to the summer. We packed our sea bags full of […]

Two Cutters, One Summer 

Gustava Drew - 2025

The Coast Guard Academy is about the school semesters and the summer training periods. After two long semesters of assignments and homework, people are anxious to go off to their summer assignments. And for a good reason, I loved my third-class summer! It was the most motivational eleven weeks of my cadet experience. Over third-class […]

Puddle Pirates Takeover! Service Academy Exchange Part 2

Junna Castel

Back again with more stories from my semester exchanging at the Air Force Academy! Towards the midpoint of the semester the Air Force Academy hosted the Naval Academy in an Air Force versus Navy show down which Air Force dominated, ‘Go Falcs’! On the other hand, during the week leading up the football game, the […]

College in Connecticut

Daniel Unangst - 2024

When I applied to the Academy, I knew it was the place for me and would enthusiastically list off the many, many reasons I wanted to attend to anyone who would listen. But I always maintained one exception: New London, CT. Growing up and sailing around Annapolis, it never matched up against the allure of […]

Commonly Asked Questions (Part 2)

Cheyenne Waters

Hey, I thought of serval more questions that I often get asked. I also threw in some questions that I think people should ask. What makes the Coast Guard Academy different from other Academies?  This biggest thing that sets Coast Guard apart is that is really small. I know all the cadets in my class […]

The Wonders of Connecticut Weather

Claire Semerod - 2026

As a Colorado native, everyone could understand why I feared the Connecticut weather. The large increase in humidity and rain fall caused a lot of concern for me. While I feared the Connecticut weather, I have come to love it and here is why. Early morning humidity during swab summer was the most amazing experience, […]

Puddle Pirates Takeover! Service Academy Exchange Part 1

Junna Castel

Since coming to the Coast Guard Academy, I had my eyes set on going on exchange. Finally, 3/c year, second semester, thirty other cadets and I were allowed to apply for this amazing opportunity! I was a nervous wreck placing my application in as I wanted to be afforded the opportunity to go to the […]

Application Tips

David McCullough

I remember starting my application to the Coast Guard Academy, I didn’t really know where to start and knew I would have to make myself stand out to be considered in a highly competitive school. This is some advice for those of you who are starting your applications and feeling the same as I did […]

Staying Organized

Grace Edmonson - 2026

Hello, hello! I’m 4/c Gigi Edmondson, from Marlborough, Massachusetts. When I got into USCGA, I used to scour these blog posts and read every single one hoping for some advice or insight about what to do with myself once I got here. I got a lot of really great tips from these posts, so today […]

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